Santorini Diving Programs - Aegean Divers

Below you will find information about the various dives that we are able to offer

Scuba Diving in Santorini Island is renowned for it’s crystal clear waters and excellent visibility with the unique experience of diving near the volcano which is filled with underwater volcanic activity. Our diving excursions primarily take place in the caldera where you will have the opportunity of various wall dives, wreck dives and extraordinary cavern dives.


1 Dive

Either shore either boat get ready to discover the beauty of underwater Santorini. If you take the boat ride you should stay on the boat wait the rest of divers to finish the second dive also

2 Dives from Shore

Come with us to explore two different volcanic dive sites of amazing underwater Santorini. The price includes water and a small snack between the two dives

Open Water Diver

The first autonomous scuba certification. Do your training with one of the best dive centers around Greece and dive everywhere around the world

Scuba Diver

If your time is short on the island, go for your first scuba certification in one day. Will allow you to dive around the world under the supervision of a professional and you can upgrade it to Open Water when you have time

Try Scuba - 1 Dive

Get ready for your first underwater experience and welcome to a new world!

Solo Diving Programs in Santorini- Aegean Divers

Half and Full Day Program - "Dive by Yourself" in Santorini

Are you a couple of certified divers with 15+ logged dives? Do you want to dive by yourselves at the "BEST DIVE SITES IN SANTORINI" including caves or the WWII boat wreck?

You can rent a 5 meter length boat with 30hp engine (NO LICENSE REQUIRED), with 2 full dive sets and get the full Santorini diving experience.


Join us for the Dive site briefing at the dive center.

Price is €450 plus fuel.

Half Day Boat Dive


Join us for the Dive site briefing at the dive center.

Price is €750 plus fuel.

Full Day Boat Dive