Frequently Asked Questions - Aegean Divers

Below you will find a collection of some of the most frequently asked questions about diving with us in Santorini.

1. How many diving sites do you go to ?
The diving sites we go to are at least 38. It is important to mention here that where we go to each day, depends a lot on the weather and also on the level of the divers we have for the day.

2. What type of diving can one do in Santorini ?
In the area of Santorini there is a lot of wall, reef and cavern diving and of course diving in the famous Caldera of the volcano. There are a lot of depth options to suit any diver whether beginner or experienced plus 4 wrecks, one situated at 10m, one situated at 15m and suitable for beginners , one situated at 10m-15m, the other at 30-34m and suitable for the more experienced divers.

3. What is the average depth of the diving sites in the area of Santorini ?
The depth of the sites we visit starts from 2-3m (when we have customers doing the "Discover Scuba Diving", DSD, program). We must say here that when we have customers of different levels, including customers who want to do DSD, we choose sites that can accommodate everybody.
You have to keep in mind that according to Greek law, the maximum depth for recreational diving is 30 m.

4. How many dives a day do you do ?
We do two dives a day in the morning and two more at the afternoon. We also offer night diving on demand.

5. Do you use weight belts or/and weight integrated BCD’s ?
We use weight belts.

6. Do you provide diving computers ?
Our prices include full diving equipment, excluding diving computers. However, in case someone wants to use a diving computer they can hire it from us.

7. What fish species are likely to be seen in Santorini ?
The species most likely to see during your dive are groupers, lobsters, Mediterranean moray eels, European conger eels, white seabreams, saddled seabreams, black gobies, nudibranchs, fireworms, octopuses, starfishes, sponges, prawns, anemones, lizard fishes and generally species typical of the Mediterranean Sea.

8. If I book for more than 1 day of diving, do I have to do all my dives on consecutive days ?
No, you do not have to do all your dives on consecutive days. On your booking voucher your diving days will be showing as consecutive because our online system counts days according to the number of the dives you have booked, starting from the date you start diving, e.g. for 6 booked dives starting on June 1st 2014, the system will count three days so it will show June 3rd 2014 as your last diving day. When you book your dives just email us the dates over which you wish to distribute your dives and we will update our booking system accordingly.

9. Where do you make transfers from/to ?
We don't offer transportation, since we had a lot of delays which they messed up the schedule. We only offer pick up service from the central bus station of Fira.

10. What type of boat do you use ?
We use a 9 meter speed boat with a 300 HP engine and sunroof and a 6.5 meters RIB boat with 225 HP engine and sunroof.

11. What is the maximum number of divers do you take on any one day ?
Even though our boat has capacity for 19 people, taking into consideration the diving equipment we limit the number of divers to 12-14 plus up to three members of staff so that there is more space.

12. Do you do NITROX ?
We do provide NITROX to customers who have the necessary certification.

13. What if my partner/companion(s) do not dive? Can they come with us on the boat ?
Partners/companions who do not dive or do not want to try or do any diving can come along for snorkeling only if there's room on the boat. This can be discussed upon your reservation and we recommend to contact us in advance, thank you.

14. What times do you start and finish diving ? 
We meet at our diving center around 08:45-09:00 to prepare the equipment and we depart at around 09:30. We get back to the diving center at around 14:30 – 15:30. For the afternoon dive the meeting is at 15:00 to the dive center and we come back at about 18:00 for a single dive or 19 :30 if it’s for two dives.

15. Do you have parking space for customers ?
There is plenty of parking space in front of and at the side of our diving center for customers who have their own transport. In this case you have transportation you could also meet us at the port of Vlihada, or any other jetty the boat might be, at a prearranged time on the day/s you will be diving with us if you think this would be more convenient for you. There is also a bus stop immediately opposite the dive centre and you can get information about routes and timetables online at or ask at your hotel reception.

16. Can I dive with you if I arrive on a cruise ship ?
If you are arriving in Santorini on a cruise ship, please do not make any online booking but contact us either by phone or e-mail (Tel. number: +30 2286033201, e-mail: ) to let us know of the date and time of your arrival, the name of your cruise ship and the date and time of departure. This information is especially important if your cruise ship stops at Santorini for just a day or a few hours because of the time limitation and so contacting us and making arrangements in advance is crucial.

17. Is full equipment included in the price ?
We have two different price lists for own equipment and full equipment.

18. What type of suits do you provide ?
To our divers we provide full body 5 mm wet suits by Waterproof. To our snorkelers we provide shorties.

19. How can I make a booking ?
You can make an electronic booking (see Question 21) or contact us by e-mail:

20. How many days in advance do I need to book ?
It is advisable to make a booking at your earliest convenience so that you can dive on the dates of your preference.

21. How do I make an electronic booking ?
When you visit our website,, you can see the types of diving we offer together with a description of the diving sites, prerequisites, etc when you click on the link for more information and booking. If you then click on ‘Booking’, you will be transferred to our booking system where you will be asked to enter some information.

22. Can I cancel or change my booking ?
On our website,, select ‘My Bookings’ and then you can change or cancel your booking as long as you have the number of your booking, which is on your voucher. You can change your booking up to 21 days prior to the date you had chosen as the start of your diving on you initial booking. If you wish to cancel your booking, you should consult our cancellation policy (see Question 23).

23. What is your cancellation policy ?
The cancellation policy of our diving center is the following:
Cancelling at least 21 days before the start of your diving program: No charge.
Cancelling between 20 and 3 days before the start of your diving program: You will be charged 50 % of the total cost of the diving program you had booked. If you have already paid a deposit, i.e. 30% of the total cost, you will be charged an extra 20% of the total cost.
In every other case: You will be charged the total cost of the diving program you had booked.

24. What is the average water temperature ?
The attached file is a table of the average monthly temperature on the surface.

25. Can you suggest any hotels on Santorini ?
You can choose and book your accommodation by contact with the co-operating travel agency at We also provide packages with diving and accommodation.

26. How far is your diving centre from Fira and Ia ?
Fira is approximately 3 km and Oia is approximately 17 km away.

27. I have my own equipment. Can I leave it in your diving centre during the days I will be diving with you ?
You can leave your diving equipment at our diving center during the days you will be diving with us and pick it up after your last diving day.

28. How far is the nearest hyperbaric chamber ?
The nearest hyperbaric chamber is on the island of Crete, which is 2 hours away by boat or 20 min away by airplane or helicopter.

29. Is your diving centre insured ?
We are insured with DAN but it is advisable that divers should also be insured. If you have your own insurance you should show proof of it to us when you visit us at our diving center.

30. Do you have oxygen on the boat ?
We always have a first aid kit and an oxygen unit on our boats.

31. Do I need a doctor’s certificate if I want to take scuba diving lessons ?
If you want to take lessons for any diving qualification (whether you have never dived before or if you want to continue your diving training), you need to provide us with a letter from a pathologist (GP) and/or cardiologist certifying your state of health and your ability to dive.

32. Do you only do boat dives ?
Mostly we do boat diving. This is due to the geology of Santorini because there is no road access convenient for the most of the diving sites we visit. But we have a couple of shore dives also.

33. What languages does your staff speak ?
Our members of staff as a team, speak Greek and English.